Tuesday, May 18, 2021

110 8G16 V 080 - 150

 Video: Gusty

As I drove to the airport a chicken crossed in front of me. I don't know why. Later I had to swerve to miss a peacock. I went through the main gate to see if any alligators were sunning themselves by the pond. Not today. The last time I flew there was a beautiful bald eagle on the grass near the approach end of RWY18. A gorgeous animal, it took off just before I did. I regularly get to watch pelicans dive into the canal next to RWY18 for food. A pair of Sandhill cranes usually stands near the edge of the runway to grade my landings. Florida is a great place to live.

I hadn't visited Sally in a while and wondered what I might find when I opened the hangar door. It was all good news. The tires were not flat. No nests in the cowling. No fluid under the plane. She looked good but had less than 5 gallons in each side. I picked up my two 5 gallon tanks (brushed away some webs) and went to the nearest gas station for some fuel. $3.79/gal for 93 octane. 10 gallons would give me about 2 hours of playtime. The rest of the preflight was normal.  She burped after 46 pulls. I added a skosh of oil and a little bit of water.

Before pulling her out I checked the weather again. Sunny blue Florida skies but the easterlies were starting to shake the hangar doors. The app said 110@8G12. Still doable but I had to pay attention because the forecast said things could get "spicey" before noon.

Ground operations were normal although the CTAF was kind of quiet. The sock was extended all the way out. As I finished my runup I could see a crop duster approaching to do his checks. I listened to AWOS again. This time it said 11008G16 080V150. Well, that was interesting. Still, it was nothing I hadn't seen before. I decided to go.

Right rudder. More right rudder. Nose up, let's get off the ground. Unstable air. Turbulent and choppy. At this point I ask myself; Am I having fun? So it was just one circuit to a full stop. (No flap landing.) I didn't try to make the first turnoff instead, I let her roll to the end. 

Nice job on the runway repairs BTW.