Friday, June 10, 2016

No Show

We were scheduled for a 9:00am Discovery Flight. At 9:15am I started to think it wasn't going to happen. He was former military and since I hadn't received a phone call or text message I thought something else must of come up. Sally was fueled and preflighted and the weather was beautiful and I had the time blocked. The temperature sensor for the Virb had failed to record on the last flight so I replaced the battery and could test it. I hadn't landed at Plant City  (KPCM) yet so we had a valid mission.

Sally performed well and I did not detect any abnormalities. We flew over the new house, but didn't see any progress. So after a few turns-around-a-point we approached the airport from the south. Located just west of Lakeland controlled airspace, its a nice airport with a good runway. It seems to be a busy airfield.

Upon return I traded emails and he just missed the calendar entry. We will try again.

Video Notes: PCM
Garmin Virb Edit 3.6.0

Some thoughts on Commercial Air Travel

We had a family event near Philadelphia. It would take about fifteen and a half hours to drive the thousand miles. I would probably do it in two days. So we flew the aluminum tube. We had a 7:30am boarding time. I was told to estimate two hours for security. Add another hour to drive to the airport, and another half hour to get from parking to check-in. We left the house by 3:30am.

No traffic or delays to the airport. TSA PreCheck took approximately 15 minutes. We were at the gate by 5:00am.

For the return trip we had a 3:30pm boarding time. It would take about one and a half hours to drive the PA Turnpike (in horrible weather - including hail). Took the shuttle from the rental car lot which took about 30 minutes. Although we had TSA PreCheck stamped on our boarding pass the TSA doesn't honor that in Philly. It took about 45 minutes to get through security. We were at the gate by 1:30pm.

So much wasted time. But the most annoying part is the inconsistency. "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get" ~ Gump

* You don't fly GA if you have a tight schedule which must be met. In this case, we would have missed the event due to weather had we taken Sally instead of American.

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