Friday, June 24, 2016

Summertime 2016

I was out at the airplane early enough to get the preflight done before the client arrived. Sally looked good. She could use another thorough cleaning but was more than acceptable for this flight. The weather was excellent, maybe a bit warm but nothing that would keep us grounded.

The client arrived early had a lot of good questions. He had done some research on the web and was curious about everything from SLSA registration to burping the Rotax engine. After the safety brief we strapped in and Sally started easily. I let him taxi to get the feel of asymmetrical steering as we headed toward RWY5. More good questions about engine performance indications as we completed the run-up. A Sandhill crane flew by and landed next to our taxiway. Sally got a little warm at the hold short while waiting for landing traffic (250F) but cooled off nicely with a bit of throttle. We made a normal take off and departed to the southeast.

A Technically Advanced Airplane is a lot to handle the first time out. Scan pattern is different for glass, add to that the electric trim and it can be overwhelming. He had almost always flown a yoke with left hand on the throttle. I should have realized sooner that there were just too many differences for him to enjoy flying the airplane. By the time I took her back he was frustrated and exhausted. My fault. So I demonstrated the autopilot and let Sally take us home. He relaxed and started to enjoy the flight.

Visibility was great. The city of Tampa looked beautiful next to the bay. I talked through the landing pattern and answered some more questions about the EFIS. I had too much speed in the flare and made a lousy landing. Not my best day as a CFI.

That evening I got an email from him. He would like to try it again. I'll take the Mulligan.

Video Notes: Summertime

*Because of the claimant's policy, this video can't be played in some countries. - Sorry Germany!

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