Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Rust Removal

Good day for the sun shade
I find that if I'm grounded for more than a week the "rust" begins to form on my piloting skills. So one of my missions is just to go out and take a few turns in the landing pattern.

The rest of the week is going to be typical Florida weather with high temperatures (33c or about 90f) with high humidity and the likelihood of afternoon thunderstorms. Monday would be the best day. Preflight went well. Start and taxi were all normal. OAT read 33c. CHT on the ground stayed in the 230f range. All other indications were normal. We used RWY36. 330@6
  1. A little tight and high. Other traffic reported inbound, I slipped her in and transitioned for a nice touch down. We were off by the first exit.
  2. Better downwind distance, cut base a bit short. (Just missed a diving bird...black with red markings.) Landing was OK but too long.
  3. Nice pattern, watched a C130 landing at MacDill (double checked to make sure he was landing and not taking off flying at me). Good base and final (no power adjustment needed). Squeek
  4. Nailed the pattern, added just a touch of power on final then landed a bit long. (Wind sock showed a change of left to right)
Sally had no issues with heat. I was ready for a cold one.

At the insistence of my social network consultant (daughter) I've created a "Landing Page".

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