Tuesday, June 21, 2016


"...the action or process of making ready or being made ready for use or consideration."

Be a Sport Pilot, have more fun!
 I got a call asking for a Discovery Flight. We set the time and date and I began my preparation. A Discovery Flight is not a lesson.
  • This person is bigger than the "standard" American. I did a weight and balance to determine just how much fuel I could carry.
  • Checked weather for the rest of the week to insure our day was at least feasible.
  • Went out to the airport to check on Sally. In addition to the normal preflight I also cleaned out much of my personal gear and made sure the cockpit looked neat and clean.
  • Did a short flight to insure all systems were nominal. Then double checked the avionics to insure they all worked and would fit into my "scripted demonstration" (Autopilot, GPS, EFIS and EMS are work well and DSAB is engaged.)
  • Video cameras checked.
  • The flight also allowed me to burn fuel to the appropriate level.
  • Post Flight included polishing the canopy and general exterior cleaning.
 All systems are ready.

Tonight I'll review key points of the presentation. I cover a lot in 20-30 minutes flight time. I'll also send an email reminder and ask for logbook, explain payment methods (I'm starting to use Square), and ask to be contacted immediately if the flight has to be postponed.

We are prepared.

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