Monday, June 27, 2016

More Practice

We had one of the wildest light shows I've seen in quite some time. The afternoon Florida skies turned dark and winds picked up considerably. Temperatures plummeted just before the rain came. Heavy drops pounding from the ragged clouds, and then the lightning. Fantastic blazing bolts from all directions. Yesterday was a good day to be on the ground.

I wondered how Sally would be in her covered tie-down spot. She looked surprisingly clean! I know she could use a good Waxall cleaning but considering the conditions I was very pleased. As I removed the canopy cover two spiders jumped away. I saw another insect nest near the copilot air scoop, and found a squashed tree toad under the nose wheel. (I suspect he may have been hiding in the wheel pant and got caught when I rolled Sally out.) The tie down ropes were still wet. I took a large fuel sample from each wing. The fuel caps must still be tight, no debris or water found. The gascolator  check also looked good. Start and all ground procedures went well. Temperature read 33C for OAT. I left the canopy open for taxi.

KVDF is a busy little field. A constant stream of piston singles, a few twins, a few helicopters and the occasional business jet make it an interesting place for pattern work. Today I needed the practice. A couple of missed approaches because we were too high, one was a bit too deep and all of my landings were just "OK". I tried a right hand pattern that went well.  It was a good work out.

The upwind leg for RWY5 goes directly over I75. The northbound lane was just barely crawling along. A news helicopter was buzzing around and called saying he was at 600ft. I think it was construction but didn't venture up that way to find out.

Today was a good day to be in the air.

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  1. Always good to get some practice time. I knocked out approaches for IFR currency yesterday.

    It's nice to have the cover, keeps the paint looking good. Not much you can do when the rain really gets blowing.