Saturday, May 28, 2016

KVDF Arrival

Its 16 miles from the new house to the Tampa Executive Airport. (About that far to Lakeland Linder as well.) Fortunately I can make the trip by taking Dover Road up to MLK, then Williams Street up to the airport and avoid all the heavy traffic on I75. (The trip takes about 30 minutes, not too bad.)

Sally has had the flu lately and this was to be another validation flight. It started with a very detailed preflight. As the plugs and covers were removed I found numerous spiders and their webs draped all over the fuselage. She burped after 12 pulls. It was a warm day with fresh, clean oil in the reservoir. When I sumped the right tank I got some debris in the tube, a dead spider. Everything else checked out good so I climbed up and strapped in. I held my breath for just an instant then turned the key. She roared to life. "Hello Sally."

We taxied to RWY5 and I paid close attention to the EMS. All nominal. OAT was about 30C so I kept an especially close eye on the CHT. She got into the 240 range and stayed there until takeoff, then she quickly cooled in the climb out. We departed to the southeast training area. We practiced some steep turns, stalls and S-Turns over Dover Road. No out of limit indications or verbal alerts. Sally was quiet.

So we returned to KVDF for some landing practice. After a particularly long wait for landing traffic she announced "Cylinder Head One - High".  It was at the upper end of 250's. I added some throttle and she cooled back down. I learned that there has been an update in the POH:

During the airplane waiting maintain the engine speed within the range from 2,100 to 2,300 rpm.
For hot temperature conditions:
• Restrict engine running at ground to the shortest time only
• Avoid or limit taxiing in downwind or “wind blowing from the right side ” position if possible
• In case the CHT (which indicates the CT actually) is close to the limit, reduce the temperature by turning the airplane in a head-wind or “wind from the left side" position and set rpm to 2,100-2,300
Good to know, it will probably get hot in Florida.

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