Thursday, September 5, 2013

Weft & Warp

I've been following a few threads about LSA/SP that have been interesting and at the same time frustrating. There is a lack of understanding about the whole concept of Light Sport Aviation which has generated some negative bias about the airplanes and the people who fly them:
I found this discussion very interesting:
On the ADVENTURE of flying:
The state of General Aviation in the US:
LSA has been around for almost 10 years. Hows it doing?:
I sat quietly in the Airport Diner eating my BLT on marbled rye looking out over the little runway at Butter Valley. Good sandwich. I was savoring my flight with Sally down to N47 to practice some landings.The wind was kicking up a little left to right crosswind. I saw first one, then another yellow Cub on the downwind and waited for them to land as I finished my coffee. The first Cub danced a little in the gust but made a nice landing. The next one made it look easy, smoothly touching down before going up the hill and out of sight.

I overheard some conversation from the table behind me, "He couldn't have gotten around that fast." I turned and held up two fingers. The golfer smiled and told his friend that there were indeed two airplanes. "Excuse me, but does this airport have a Control Tower?"

"No, this is a Pilot Controlled field", I said. "We fly a standard pattern and make position calls so that anyone close by knows where to look for us. We maintain control by talking on the radio to each other."

"That's good. I always wondered about that." Then the conversation turned to golf. I left.

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  1. Hi Dave:

    As usual great blog. I've been inspired to create a blog of my flying adventures as well. How are you able to write to the left or right of a photo? I can't figure this out yet.....check out the first draft of my blog.