Monday, September 9, 2013

N40 Sky Manor Fly-In 2013

Video Link: A Light Sport Adventure

We wandered across the wet grass down to the food hangar. I was looking for a cup of coffee but none was available. It was still too early for lunch. Some old friends were on display at the end of the ramp, some T28s. One was marked with the colors I was used to, even sporting a "Doer Bird" emblem from VT2. Another was painted in the Navy Blue executive colors. Both were awesome looking machines. Kathy wanted some pictures so I stood nearby and let her shoot.

Sunday morning I pulled out my logbook. Leafing through the pages I found entries in June 1975. I had flown 138265 on some Radio Instruments (RI) flights. Wow.

EAA Chapter 643 pictures

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