Monday, August 26, 2013

2013 Lehigh Valley Airshow

We did our first airshow this weekend participating as a static display. "We" included my wife, daughter & son-in-law, and Sally and me. It was a real adventure and quite a lot of fun.

On Saturday we had an "open cockpit" to allow people to sit inside. The biggest draw (and by far the most amount of work) were parents taking pictures of their young children sitting in the pilots seat. My daughter sat in the co-pilots seat guarding errant hands while her husband and my wife helped kids in and out. I worked the crowd talking about LSA. Art was there from Queen City with his plane and another LSA (Sky Jeep) was also on display. ( I was told more than once that Sally was the prettiest girl there )

We kept the cockpit closed on Sunday.

There is a LOT of bad information out there, mostly about what you can't do with LSA. I spent a lot of time explaining my trip to Phoenix last year, and won a few arguments about the merits of a Rotax engine. Just a few wanted to argue, most were very interested and respectful. I had to tell just a few "extra sized" folks that LSA was not a good fit for them. I spoke to a lot of people that look like me. But I also spoke to quite a few young people, late teens early twenties. Hopefully we planted some good seeds.

I was fortunate to do a TV interview with the local cable company, and the local newspaper took a few pics of kids in the cockpit. It was the first airshow at this airport in 16 years and overall I believe it was a huge success. After two days of standing on my feet and non-stop talking we are all worn out. My dermatologist would go nutz if she saw my sunburn. It was really hard work and I would do things differently next time, but I would definitely do it again.

If your community has an airshow, sign up. It will put a smile on your face.

Note: I was #1 holding short to depart Sunday evening. Panchito (B25) took off right in front of me. WOW!

Note 2: Finishing one of our conversations about LSA a fellow walked up to me with a beautiful T-Shirt with a T-28 on it. I remarked that I liked it and he thanked me saying he had designed it. I told him I had flown them during my advanced Navy training in Corpus Christi. He explained that he was the owner of one of the T-28's doing the aerial demonstrations and had he known would have given me a ride. 2x WOW!

Sequestration didn't stop this airshow. These guys were awesome!

*Note: Excerpt from Service Electric video is here.

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