Sunday, August 12, 2012


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Butter Valley to York is 67 miles according to the AOPA Flight Planner. Mild winds enroute, the planner said it should take about 45 minutes to get there and I chose 4500 feet. My path would take me directly over Lancaster and some of the most beautiful Pennsylvania Dutch country side you could ever imagine. The mighty Susquehanna was busy with boat traffic and I could see Harrisburg Capital City up the river.

It was a bit bumpy under the clouds and Sally was working hard to keep us at altitude, so i descended 1000' after we crossed the river. Approaching York we went down to pattern altitude made our call and listened for traffic.

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York has a nice restaurant so I thought it would be busy on a beautiful Sunday morning, but while there was traffic it was spaced well apart and I was very comfortable making a crosswind entry for runway 35.  A Cessna followed me on downwind and another entered behind him, so I just did a touch and got on my way.  As I was departing I heard one of the pilots asked for parking directions for lunch. It might just be worth a return trip.

The unicom frequency for York is the same as Wings and it sounded like they were busy over there with a Citation and some Cirri in the pattern, which was being disrupted by a Citbria entering on a 45. I decided to head over that way and programmed the 696 to go direct to KLOM. The skies were clearer to the south and it gave me a chance to overfly some different landscapes. We climbed to 5500' where it was smooth as could be.  Once clear of KLNS I selected 7N8 using the 'pan' function, hit enter and added my new way point to the Flight Plan. I really like my 696.
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This course took me right over Morgantown and as I looked down I could see a glider being towed out of the airport there. I looks like a very nice grass strip, definitely worth a visit.

I began my descent just north of N47 and made my call at about 10 miles out. The frequency was very busy with everyone trying to enjoy the beautiful flying weather. Still a little high, we circled over Home Plate and saw Kathy out in the yard doing some gardening. That was fun.

Then back home for a nice quiet landing at 7N8. ( A lot of golfers, not any airplanes.)

The past two weekends have been weathered out. Poughkeepsie had a "Show & Tell" and yesterday was the Smoketown Fly-in. I wish they had postponed that until today.

Planning: (Airnav) Approximately 400 mile legs, 8 hours a day, about 3 (good weather) days.

7N8 - KHOC (or I69) - KMYJ - KMDF- KAEG - KSDL

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    1. Sounds like a nice relaxing day flying....I was tortured having to complete my BFR.