Thursday, August 30, 2012


No Wind
The weather changed. Suddenly the skies turned blue, the clouds departed and the winds died down.

I went out after work to try my hand at an ILS. It has been a looong time. I studied the chart at home to insure I knew all of the fixes and altitudes and frequencies, then printed out the chart and headed over to 7N8. Chester County is about 20 minutes south. I tuned in the CTAF on the primary and put Philly Approach on standby and enabled the monitor function. A Skycatcher was in the pattern, but departed before I rolled onto the final approach course. A Tiger asked for a radio check and waited patiently at the hold short line as I made my way down to a low approach.

I did a few. Experimented using the autopilot to fly down to Decision Height and found that 85 kts seemed to work well for an approach speed. Pleased with that work I did two on my own just to knock some rust off. The Dynon display provides a nice instrument  environment. The scan is substantially different due to the glass panel, but the instruments are easy to read and interpret.

I got up early today to test the clear blue morning sky. Less than an hour just wandering about, enjoying just being there. And I made some very pretty landings at home. What a great way to start the day!

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