Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fuel Flow Sender

Fuel Lines disconnected
I looked down at the instruments to set power, first to the RPM (less than 5000) then to the Fuel Flow (less than 5 gal/hr.) The fuel flow read 0.0, she is good on gas but not that good. I ordered a new part from Dynon and had Harry install it.

The electrical connection consisted of three locked spade connectors which did not want to release. Harry persuaded them with a few pairs of pliers, screw drivers and 'specialty tools'.  The fuel lines came off easily after releasing the hose clamps. Two bolts hold the device to the bracket on the firewall. I didn't notice any contamination, and the rotor seemed to rotate freely in the housing as I moved it around in my hand. Dynon suggested that others have had success reinstalling the unit after a light cleaning. (Its a one year warranty on sensors.) I'll use the old one as a spare. Re-installation was pretty straightforward.

I was happy to see a reading after I started her up. Harry checked for leaks before I shut her down and put the cowling back on. Run-up and pre-Take-off readings all looked normal. Two laps in the pattern confirmed we were back in business.  It really feels good to look at the panel with everything working.

I added some gas last evening and re-calibrated the on-board computer. Time for a flight (if the weather will let me go.)

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