Friday, July 21, 2017

Nuts, Bolts and Screws

Last week I Flew down to KFMY to give a demo flight. Scud and mist delayed an early morning takeoff from KVDF, but once south of Tampa the tops were below me at 1500'. Around Punta Gorda the low stuff cleared and I had smooth weather into Page Field. The FBO at Page is one of the nicest I've seen. A P51 hangs in the two story lobby and takes your breath away as you enter the place. The trip took just about an hour in my PiperSport. The demo flight went  well and the prospect enjoyed the LSA.

We discussed "share", lease and purchase options. II talked about the positive aspects of ownership and my personal use of the airplane. This was the first time in a light sport airplane. This was his first time flying a glass panel. I briefed him on the safety features and the technology as well as the Rotax engine. We discussed cost of ownership. I allowed him to make the takeoff and departure.  We spent 0.6 over the islands close to the gulf. I demo'd autopilot, gps and the various screens available on Dynon. He made the landing back at KMFY (very nice). We debriefed as I got fuel.

I left by 1200 to avoid the afternoon thunderstorms and it was good that I did. The "big uglies" were just a few minutes away by the time I put Sally in her hangar. 

Yesterday was a maintenance day. I find it takes about one day a month as a "Stand Down" to go over the plane from spinner to tail and go beyond the preflight for an overall health check. The screws on the rudder cap showed corrosion.  I found a missing screw on the left wheel pant. The temperature probe on the belly was dirty with light corrosion. Two of the nuts on the flap mechanism had light corrosion. Both steps had some minor corrosion. etc.

I replaced about a dozen screws. A couple of clean rags got dirty. I used Corrosion X everywhere. I gave the upper surfaces another coat of wax. Preflight complete I was ready to fly! About that time I heard the first sound of thunder. The sea breeze was pushing in from the gulf sooner than normal. Not flying today.

Ah, Florida weather!

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