Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Software Update

Usually it comes as a message when you open your current version: "A Software Update is available." I anticipate new functionality and fixes to old problems, a good thing. Unfortunately this is not always the case. (Have you tried Windows 8?)

Recently Garmin released a new version ( of the Virb Edit software. This is the utility that enables the transfer of video files from the Virb camera to the computer. The most interesting feature allows the creation of "Overlays" which allows GPS data captured with the video to be displayed as part of the video. I usually include groundspeed, GPS derived altitude, bearing, the GPS track, and cockpit temperature. The new version uses the camera's accelerometer to capture "G-Metrix", Garmin's term for movement like pitch and roll, etc.

I updated one computer with the new version but fortunately hesitated to do the second machine. (see the Virb Edit Forum). The major change that hit my normal workflow was the inability to export video greater than 4gb. Since I record the whole flight, then export and edit in Camtasia, the ability to export larger files is critical. Right now Garmin believes it is a Windows 7 problem. But Microsoft isn't alone. Apple recently updated their software and forgot to support a number of external GPS devices.

So "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts". You may be wise to let the newest version mature for awhile before you install it on your machine.

Video Notes: Clouds

...so I got this little icon that appeared on my toolbar that says "Get Windows 10"...hmmm

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