Saturday, June 6, 2015


It was supposed to have been a busy week and I was looking forward to it. Either a Discovery Flight or Flight Lesson scheduled everyday, I was anxious to get back in the saddle and do some CFI work. It was not to be. Each morning weather check read the same way: low clouds and poor visibility. So each day I got up, checked and sent out an email saying Flight Canceled - Wx. Until Thursday. The weather was not great but was good enough to get in a couple of Discovery Flights.

I got to the airport well before the first student to preflight and position the airplane. She took some effort to start, but after a few extra cranks she ran smoothly. I taxied around the hangar to park in front of the FBO to give a better presentation to the prospective new client. Sally does have good ramp appeal.

After a good preflight brief we taxied to Runway 11 and departed over Quakertown, went by Pennridge and out over Lake Nockamixon. It was calm and the visibility was good under the 3500' overcast. The student did some climbs, descents and turns getting accustomed to the light feel of the control stick. He did well. It was a good flight and Sally really showed the positive aspects of flying a modern LSA. I floated a bit on the landing (RWY11 has a slight down hill grade) but recovered to make a nice landing. After the debrief I sat in the office munching on a Kind bar to wait for the next event.

A text message informed me that the afternoon flight was canceled. The student had some business that couldn't be postponed and would have to reschedule our flight for some other time. RATS!

I had a plane. I had gas. She was already preflighted, so...

Video Notes: Kutztown

When I was a student pilot, Kutztown was one the airports my instructor insisted I conquer before I could solo. Less than 25 miles from Slatington, with East Texas VOR for a Navaid, the flight would end at the busy airport with glider traffic. It had an hump in the middle of the paved runway which made the landing interesting. A Notice To Airmen was published for Kutztown Airport in December 2008 that the airport would be closed to transient aircraft. It was announced that the airport would close all operation on January 31, 2009. The Diner is still open.


  1. I thought I recognized the post "N31". Fortunately, I have it in my log book before they closed. I flew in along with Gary Mascelli one night and had dinner at the diner. Fun to come in really tight to the corn tassles and land before the dip in the runway.

  2. I was flying the club Archer back then. Nice place to eat and the runway wasn't to bad. I do remember the hump. link to my post and pictures.