Monday, October 6, 2014

Audio Check

The woman at the Verizon store opened my phone and removed the battery. Laying the battery flat on the counter she spun it like a top. "That's the problem. You have a dead battery." Not sure that I completely agreed with her technical analysis technique but unwilling to invest in a new phone, I gave her solution a try. A new battery delivered the next day from Amazon was less than $10. It worked.

Cold weather has returned to Pennsylvania. A rain filled cold front moved through the area all day Saturday, we woke to freezing temperatures Sunday morning. My old bones ache with cold weather so it was hard to get myself moving. I was comfortable sitting at the computer with a hot cup of coffee, my own inertia holding me in place. I got out to the hangar later than planned.

In addition to preflighting the airplane I needed to check the Virb camera systems. I had reported a problem with the external microphone setting. Upon reboot all previous setting were forgotten and it would default to microphone on. This meant that the headset would be deactivated. My checks appeared to indicate that the latest firmware (3.90) had fixed this problem, but I needed to test it in actual conditions.

The autumn weather has started changing the leaves to brighter colors. A trip along I80 last weekend saw some fabulous reds, oranges and yellows. I thought the change in seasonal colors would show up great in a video and the trip over to Lockhaven would be a perfect exercise. (We are not at peak yet, another flight is required.)

The Sentimental Journey fly-in breakfast at Lockhaven was high on my event list. In addition to all of the normal festivities, Richard was going to there with his airplane. I was anxious to see them both and talk to Paul about the flight instruction business. Even with my late start my ETA would still allow me time to get a few pancakes. But as I traveled west the ceilings dropped down and the winds picked up. I flew through the gap at Cabelas (Hamburg) , and checked the METAR at Selinsgrove and found it overcast at 2500 feet. Williamsport wasn't any better. I remembered that some of the mountains out that way reached up nearly that high. The clouds were gray and getting darker, I turned around to look for some sunshine.

A few sunbeams poked through along the ridge just west of Quakertown. I investigated, then flew to Gortt intersection just to see where that is located. (Not a bad idea to understand IFR fixes even though I only fly VFR.) Then I entered on the 45 for runway 29er. I got a surprise on short final with a strong gust of crosswind and later found that some were up to 16 kts. Don't get complacent!

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Audio Check

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