Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What is a Discovery Flight?

Web definition:
This is an introductory flight that you can take to see if you want to learn to fly. You will actually get to fly the airplane and do climbs, descents and turns.
  •  "The Joy Ride " - Never been up in a small airplane before? The Joy Ride is an excellent introduction to general aviation and will cover all the basics. Sit back and enjoy the scenery, listen to the pilot chatter on the radio and experience the thrill of flying.
  • "The Future Pilot" - This is for the person who is reasonably certain he or she wants to pursue flight training, but just wants to be sure before committing too much time, money, or effort.Hands on the controls, you experience basic flight maneuvers like climbs, descents and turns.
What a great weekend! We got to do two "Future Pilot" and one "Joy Ride" Discovery Flights.The weather was acceptable but got a little gusty for the "Joy Ride". (Gust up to 17kts by the time we got back to Butter Valley.) 

This generated two Videos:

Notes: A new forum has started which is focused on PiperSport/SportCrusier topics. Sally and I will be contributing here: SCFlier

An interesting article in "Plane & Pilot".

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