Monday, April 7, 2014

Sunday Morning Traffic

I'm accustomed to having the field all to myself. The Runway Grill has opened for the season and this was the first sunny Sunday.

Video here: Sunday Traffic

This diagram might be useful for someone. Its not nice to call "Downwind approaching the numbers" when you are really upwind. It does make a difference.

Aside from that little miscommunication it was a great day to fly. I really enjoyed seeing the different aircraft and am lusting after a Cub. It just looks like so much fun to fly!

Video Notes:
  1. Some post processing was done using Sony Movie Studio (aka Vegas). This helped me create the intro and credits segments.
  2. Camtasia allowed me to insert my "snarky comments".
  3. I tried using the sunshade to help illuminate the glass panels. Not pleased with this as it restricts the camera's (not pilot's) field of view.


  1. Spring is here and glad to hear the The Runway Grill is open now - talk soon

  2. Good graphical illustration of the runway and ground and tower is interconnected with them to tackle all landing and takeoff problems.

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