Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Local Tour

Blustery. Windy. Rainy. The end of April is supposed to bring good weather with it but we have only been teased. Most days have been unsuitable for VFR flying especially in a Light Sport Airplane. When I checked the weather clock the forecast for the day was much the same, but when I looked outside it looked...nice. Must be a aberration, a small bubble of good air surrounding my house. So I played with the computer trying to fix a print spooler glitch. When I finally looked up, it was ... nice. Time to do a serious weather check.

I pulled up to the hangar about mid-morning. I had refueled the previous evening with premium Mogas from the local Sunoco station so now had about 10 gallons in each side. The sumps were clean. Oil is still on the top of the flat but is starting to get pretty dark.  I rechecked the new camera mount on the wing. I'm still a bit nervous about losing my Virb during the takeoff run. Everything looked secure so it was time for the test flight.

All went well, the results are satisfactory but can be improved. Enjoy the video here: The local Tour

After I shut her down in front of our hangar Bob walked over to say hello. He had been down talking to Harry about his Piper 180. His hangar is directly across from mine. He hasn't flown in over a year since retiring and really misses it. I encouraged him to get checked out and gave him my card.

The Local Tour
Video Notes:
  1. First time using two cameras. I placed the mount for the Garmin cradle close to a line of rivets under the wing. I'm still getting a "wave like" oscillation that will need to be addressed.
  2. Synchronizing the two videos was easier than expected. However the post-processing time is excessive. That can be alleviated by trimming more of the film before doing an export from Virb Edit.
  3. The exterior camera angle is too high. I'll bump it down a click or two for the next experiment.
  4. I was able to import the GPS track from the Virb Elite to use with the other camera. Again, this was easier than I expected and took little time to do. The picture is a byproduct of that track rendered in Google Earth.

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  1. Video looked great! We had some chop Friday heading to the beach but climbed out of it at 3.5. Same thing coming home sunday, climbed to smooth air at 4.5. I really need to check out that camera, I miss having flight video.