Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines' Day

The weather window opened, just a crack. A weak cold had passed through in the morning and another was forecast the next day. In between we had VFR conditions with temperatures in the low 40s. Twenty minutes to Pottstown Municipal, twenty minutes to preflight and another ten or so for the warm  up, run up and I was ready to go.

I decided to go up to Breinigsville to  see where my wife works. It just so happens to lie on a direct course from N47 to the East Texas VOR. I programed the waypoint into the GPS but allowed the VOR to do the navigating (We followed the green line instead of the purple one.) The course kept us just west of Allentown airspace.

Tek Park
Pennsylvania is brown right now. Some snow under the trees surrounding the farmer's fields, but the trees themselves are bare and the fields are shades of tan and brown. Stark, but I still enjoy seeing the rolling hills and the large amounts of open space sprinkled with occasional housing developments and technical centers. Tek Park (formally a slew of other names, AT&T, Lucent, etc)  includes the PA87 Helo Pad and houses a number of tenants now, including one that uses my wife as a contractor. So I thought it would be fun to fly over and text her a message with the photo attached. It worked well and she was able to show the picture following a meeting being held during my flight.

Light Sport Aeronaut
As I approached N47 on my way home I noticed a large red tarp on the west end of the field. I entered on the 45 to RWY 26 and the tarp was blocked by the hangers at that end. Sally was running a bit low on fuel so we taxied up to the fuel farm and asked Joe to come up and pump 5 gallons for each wing. After getting a push back,  I taxied back to the ramp and started the post flight process. From landing to covers on took about 20 minutes. So I was really surprised to see that the red tarp had turned into a beautiful balloon as I started my drive home. A real light sport aeronaut. Someone was getting a GREAT Valentines' Day present.

Some updates: The dsab failure was caused by a faulty landing light. I have the new one and should get it installed shortly. The placards on the wings will be replaced. I talked to US Sport Aircraft and they will send a new set of decals. I'll figure out how to remove and replace them this Spring.

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