Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Just for Fun

No real plan for the late afternoon flight, I decided just to go out and fly. (No TFRs, nothing to worry about with weather) As I started my preflight a guy came over from the fuel pumps to talk with me. He had wondered about the Pipersport and asked a lot of questions about LSA. I think I'm going to have quite a few folks asking for rides this Spring.

Ground operations were normal. The maintenance shop on the field was pulling a twin out of the hangar and one wing was intruding on my taxiway. I crept up slowly and stayed far to the left hoping the workers would check for clearance. They didn't but I was able to stay well clear. Winds were out of the north providing and undershooting crosswind so at least on pass was in order. A little power in the flare made for smooth touchdown but a long roll.

Satisfied with that I left the pattern and headed out to the northeast. The autopilot was turned off to just hand fly the plane while enjoying the mild weather, wonderful views and great performance. I flew over a few airports seen on the chart, a prison, an isolated ski area (prominent because it was the only place with snow),  and then back toward the twin cooling towers at Limerick. Low and slow and just wondrous fun.

Staying well south of Pottstown Muni, I announced inbound on the 45. Suddenly a Beechcraft cut me off and announced his downwind. Shocked, I moved out to a wider position and announced my downwind with him insight. Extending to give him time to finish his approach, I turned final as he rolled out to the end of the runway. I was able to land and turn off at the first taxiway, and called clear saying I would give way to him as he made his way back. He told me to go ahead and apologized...all is well, no harm done. Interesting because I had considered making a straight-in but decided to utilize the full procedure for safety. It works.

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