Friday, July 15, 2011

A little work with Harry

The 'todo' list had been building up:

  1. Oil change; she was now at 80 hrs (Hobbs)
  2. HS34: replacement unit from Dynon
  3. Fuel line reroute: Donato had sent me some pictures on how to move the line up, away from the engine.
  4. LOA: I needed Harry to sign the letter saying he would do the work to install the night lighting package
  5. Landing light: intermittent, but mostly just couldn't turn it on (switch spring loaded to off)
We decided in the time available to him, we could do 2-5 and save #1 for next week. We took the cowling off, disconnected the battery and started with the fuel line. It was a straight forward change, but Harry explained why it was important to dress the line properly to avoid any possible kinking or future damage to the hose.

Next up, the landing light. VOM showed the battery was good but no voltage was coming into the light. Time to take off the  pilot side instrument panel to check the switch. This is really a CB with a toggle on it and turns out the CB failed. I ordered a new one from Aircraft Spruce.

Next, the HS34. This small box allows the navigation systems to talk to the autopilot. It was an easy swap, just one cable on the back and a long screw to hold it on the instrument panel. It probably took more time to button up the panel then to change out the box.

Last, I gave Harry the documents for the Letter of Authorization (LOA) to review. That has been filed and we are waiting for CSA to approve.

We've had two test flights since (just short hops) and all appears to be working well.

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