Saturday, June 3, 2017

Working with Sally

The student contacted me asking if we could spend the Memorial Day weekend flying. I was excited with the opportunity but cautioned that an accelerated program was difficult and I would only go as fast as he could absorb the material. I put together a curriculum of five flights focused on high work but including some ground reference maneuvers and if we were comfortable, introduction to the landing pattern. An aggressive schedule to be sure, but again customized to the student's ability to learn.

He arrived on Friday and that evening we met to go over the plan. He was very well prepared and had obviously studied for the weekend. After the brief we went over to Sally and did the preflight. The first preflight takes time. Each line item on the checklist must not only be done, but often a detailed explanation is required as to WHY it is done.  Next task is getting into the airplane the proper way (yes, there is an improper way), getting the seatbelts secured, adjusting the pedals and headset and generally getting accustomed to the cockpit. Finally, we did the start. The rest of the lesson was devoted to taxi practice and the use of brakes and typical ground procedures. It all went well.

We were lucky to have great weather on Saturday and got two flights in. Sunday we woke to fog, so I delayed our takeoff for an hour. When the fog lifted we were left low thin scattered ceiling and mist. I elected to spend time in the landing pattern. It went well. After landing we scheduled some time for Sunday afternoon. When I arrived at the airport for that flight, winds had picked up with gusts too high for a new student. We canceled the flight and ended the session. It was very successful and I would offer this type of accelerated training again, depending on the student.

...AND I was especially glad to be able to work with Sally again. She is a great training platform, fun to fly and very forgiving. Stalls are almost a non-event. The visibility for doing all of the basic airwork exercises is super. And teaching a glass panel is fun for the student (as well as the instructor).

Video Notes:

Welcome home Sally.

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