Tuesday, January 31, 2017

2017 US Sport Aviation Expo at Sebring KSEF

Landing on the Orange Dot
Adding Wawa premium
A few weeks ago I was asked to fly a new SportCruiser across the country to be used for the show. Who wouldn't jump at the chance to fly a brand new plane, loaded with the latest avionics, nearly 1000 miles to attend the premiere event for Light Sport Aircraft? But it was not to be. Weather at the departure airport was crap. Twice I flew the airlines to get the LSA, twice I flew the airlines home. Maybe February will be kinder.

Cruiser Aircraft Inc debut.
So I flew Sally instead, not a bad deal. The flight from KVDF to KSEF takes just under an hour. I commuted each day. The weather in Florida has been perfect. (Sally and I delayed one morning for fog, otherwise we had just beautiful flying conditions.) On Saturday Kathy flew with me. She took all of the pictures on the video while spending her time solo exploring the show. I spent time at the new Cruiser Aircraft Inc tent talking to prospective customers. We both had a great day.

Having read a number of news reports, the Expo seems to have been a huge success. Good weather, beautiful airplanes, and a wonderful group of aviation enthusiasts all contributed to make this event a great kick off to the 2017 season. See you at Lakeland Sun 'n Fun!

Video Notes: Sebring 2017

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