Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Looking Back

Time for me to fly.

Moving into a new house is not easy. The punch list must be managed, the appliances installed, and all of the furniture placed, or removed. Couple this with setting up all of the basic services, finding the healthcare and legal professionals and all of the other things that turns a house into a home and the list of tasks becomes overwhelming.

As I went through the gate a peacock waited for me to pass before crossing the road.

Sally was dirty. I'm glad to have a covered tie down spot but extra care is needed to keep her clean. I'll take a day this week to spend time polishing all of the upper surfaces. Otherwise I'm pleased with how the exterior is holding up in the Florida climate.

I contacted Sensenich about the paint delamination on the prop blade. After they analyzed the pictures I sent in they assured me it was only a cosmetic problem. If I take the prop to them they will recondition it and it will be fully covered under the warranty. Plant City is a short drive, but the down time could be weeks. I'll have this done over the holidays to limit the impact to the flight schedule.

The engine is doing well. An easy start and a smooth balanced run up. She drops less than 100rpm per side. The CHT still gets warm (250F+) prior to take off, but cools immediately once airborne. I ordered a new Honeywell Oil Pressure sensor. Sally gives me a random low pressure warning with no other indications. I'll take here up to Dave this month to have that part changed out.

The flight was a good one. We climbed way up to 2500' and headed north to pass by Zephyrhills. Parachute operations were underway and I enjoyed watch the activity around the airport. (Still, I'm not ready to take the plunge.)

We did a few air work maneuvers before calling it a day. All systems are working well. I followed a Stinson in the pattern. The landing was good. Someone else in the pattern kept referring to the airport as Vandenberg. I guess he hadn't been here in awhile.

I'm already anxious to go again.

Video Notes: Backward

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