Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Looking Back

Friday the weather turned a bit milder. With Temperatures in the mid 30's I arrived at the hangar around noon. The doors were frozen shut. Again I got out the ice chipper and a flat bladed shovel to clear a trench for the sliding doors.  Slow work. After a few hours I made enough progress to get Sally out into the sunshine. And then I had a decision to make: Two flights were scheduled for Saturday. Should I put Sally back in and leave the doors open, or let her sit outside for the night?   After consulting with her co-owner we decided to let Sally spend the night under the stars and lock up the hangar.

I arrived Saturday morning about 8:30am. The hangar doors were frozen shut.


It was very light and easily removed. Mark arrived early and helped to finish the preflight. He did the (cold) start and Sally roared to life after about three attempts. I went back to the FBO and he taxied over once she had warmed up a bit. We briefed as Sally waited in the sun.

On a whim, I decided to turn the wing camera backward to show where we had been. I had seen other videos, mostly aerobatic airplanes, use this angle to show the smoke trail of a maneuver. I didn't expect too much. I am pleased with the results.

Video Notes: Looking Back

(The other) Mark took this idea and enhanced it a bit while flying his RV12. Mark's Video

I've been playing around with WingX Replay hoping to use it as an instructional tool.  This video combines the replay with some other video. Looking Back KDYL

Garmin had an update waiting for me when I started Virb Edit this time. I downloaded the 4.0 firmware to both Virb cameras. Initially one camera would not reboot after the installation. I was able to correct the problem by removing the battery and powering it on normally. It seems to be working fine now.

There doesn't seem to be a good way to capture video from an iPad into a video format. New to the IOS system, I may just be illiterate to some of its amazing capabilities but so far this functionality has escaped me. I invested in a third party application called X-Mirage :

X-Mirage is the most professional AirPlay server for Mac and Windows PC, which allows you to wirelessly stream contents or mirror iPhone, iPad and iPod screen to any Mac/Windows PC. Record screen and audio from iOS devices, as well as voiceover via Microphone with one click.
It works, but not flawlessly. Right now I can record about 90 seconds of video at one time, then it crashes. I suspect a memory allocation error. Version 1.01.5

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