Saturday, December 20, 2014

Canopy Strut

The weather hasn't been good for VFR flying. Low gray clouds or gusty winds have grounded Sally and me for most days. The few flights we've had we've remained in the pattern for landing practice. Satisfying but I look forward to something a bit more adventurous. Maybe next month.

Time to take care of some maintenance. If you watch the beginning of this video you'll notice the canopy itself. The gas struts have slowly begun to fail. Fortunately a discussion was started at explaining the various design changes this part has undergone. Shawn decided to buy multiple sets of P/N 280292, a slightly different number found on my strut. After careful measurement I decided to purchase a spare set from him. Hopefully I'll have a chance to install them next week.

* "I saw the pic you posted on your blog of your canopy strut. If you remove that sticker, which I'm not sure who put that on there, you will see the OEM info for the strut. 280292 100N 21/10. The part number, the force in newton meters and the date code they were made. Yours were made in the 21st week of 2010." - Shawn


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    1. Thanks. I am glad to be helpful. Blogging has always been a way for me to relive the flight.Better than just a short line in my logbook.