Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Pile of

Sand. The maintenance crew had a lot of work to do. Today they were sanding the greens, adding sand to smooth the surface. They used the concrete taxi way near the old silo as a staging area to load smaller trucks and carts out to where the sand was needed. The sand was piled about six feet high twelve feet across, I couldn't get past. Bob was working the tractor so I went over to talk to him. He pointed me to the foreman (Josh) so I ran over to ask him for help. He told Bob it would be OK to push the mound aside to give me room to get Sally out but it would take a few minutes. I was already late, but appreciated the help and patiently waited for Bob to move the pile. I pulled Sally past the obstruction and out onto the grass before strapping in for the start. It was nice that the crew worked with me on this.

Just a few minutes to fly over to Quakertown where Tom and Cleo were waiting for me. It was a great day to enjoy Light Sport flying, very little wind or turbulence. We did some landings, flew by their house and generally enjoyed the Pennsylvania countryside.  By the end of the day some rain showers started to move in. We still had a wonderful time being airborne.

Note: Polarized sunglasses don't work well with glass cockpits.

When I got back to Butter Valley most of the sand pile had been removed. I was very comfortable taxiing Sally to her hangar.  We did sandblast parts of the concrete clean.

Video Notes:

I had the opportunity to install a Prop Filter. It came in a little kit with new screws, "O" ring and a small screw driver. Installation took less than ten minutes. I like the improvement. Sample video here: Prop Filter

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