Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November Drought

The week long weather delay in Addison messed with my schedule. I needed to get a Flight Review in before the end of October and was running out of days. So I called Paul. He was very accommodating, even suggested we attend an FAA evening seminar together at Penn State, inviting me to spend the night in his guest room. An offer I just couldn't refuse.

The flight out was bumpy. Low overcast, some mild snow showers and headwinds. It was not flight review weather. So we concentrated on ground work, discussed current LSA topics and visited his new flight simulator. Paul has made some interesting improvements but still faces some implementation challenges. Anyone who has installed new complex technology understands that getting a production system up and operating takes more than just a "turn of the key." But theses are just minor glitches in the overall scheme of things, I'm convinced this is going to be a very valuable training tool.

We did the actual flight review the next morning. If you are a Sport Pilot I strongly recommend you go to Light Sport Instructor to have his experience for this review. Paul did a superb job, I was challenged and learned some things that I can use in my day to day operations. Insights that most CFIs simply would not have from flying C172s.

The trip home was bumpy, and the landing in very strong cross winds at Butter Valley was a challenge. 45° crab lead to a smooth touchdown, but I danced on the rudders most of the way down. The hangar doors were really flapping by the time I put Sally away for the night.

The annual done, my flight review signed off, it was time to FLY. Except IMSAFE got in the way. A lingering chest cold would not go away. Too many sunny weekends came and went with us stuck on the ground. Finally I feel better, but a winter snow storm has arrived.

It has been a 'dry' month.

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