Tuesday, March 5, 2013


 A snow storm is predicted to hit tomorrow and last for the next few days. The local weather was good today, above freezing, winds blow 15 knots and a scattered layer above 5000'. I took the opportunity to fly down to New Garden, Pennsylvania.

Just a short flight over Pennsylvania country side. My path followed RT 100 down past Exton, old stomping grounds. It was a little bumpy but I elected to stay low and traveled most of the way at 2500'. At ten miles I made my initial call and was pleasantly surprised to get a response. The person manning the CTAF was friendly, acknowledged my call and provided wind and recommended runway. Wow! That doesn't happen very often.

At five miles my traffic was a 172 entering the pattern crossing at midfield. I took interval, told him I had him in sight and extended my downwind. He reported clear and I announced it would be a touch and go.

The runway is fair, a little bumpy. The facilities and hangars look nice and you can't beat the hospitality. I noticed a few planes on the ramp and left with a favorable impression. I departed to the north and made my way home the same way I had come. At about midway I sighted traffic off to my left, maybe 4 or 5 miles at my altitude. Just to be safe I climbed 100', but the traffic really was no factor. We made a normal entry and landing back at Butter Valley.

There were two firsts on this short flight. 1) First time to N57. 2) I flew without a medical. My latest medication required some additional test to be submitted to the Medical Examiner and I hadn't planned on the extra time needed to get the test done. (Completed it today.) So I exercised by LSA privileges and flew (legally) without a medical certificate in my pocket. The sky didn't fall.

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