Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Reviewing the Numbers

The trip to Scottsdale
  • Distance = 2059 miles
  • Time (GPS not Hobbs) = 20.5 hours
  • Fastest leg = 109 MPH (7N8 to KAFJ)
  • Longest leg = 427 miles (KAFJ to KMTO) at 4.1 hours*. This was my longest time in the seat for any leg of the trip.

The trip from Scottsdale (via Addison)

  • Distance = 2204 miles
  • Time (GPS not Hobbs) = 17.9 hours
  • Fastest leg = 145 MPH* (KARG to I69) Top speed for the trip.
  • Longest leg = 444 miles* (KATS to KADS) at 3.5 hours. This was my greatest distance for any leg of the trip.
Total round trip distance was 4263 miles, 38.4 hours for an average of 111 MPH (ground speed). I spent ~ $1500 for ~ 260 gallons of fuel, which yields ~ 16 MPG. (Cheapest at KADS for MOGAS.) Sally reached a new record altitude of 11720' over the Grand Canyon. The new prop yielded a new speed record 123 kts TAS. As noted above, a new endurance record for Sally at 4.1 hours (too long).

Mission Objectives:

  1. Fly solo VFR on a significant cross country. Check
  2. Meet with family in Phoenix. Check
  3. Fly to AOPA Summit and do the parade. Failed (Wx delayed departure)
  4. Fly to the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque. Sally couldn't go, but the rest of us did.
  5. Fly to LSA Fly-in at Page, Az. Check
  6. New propeller for Sally. Check+

We flew at night (KADS). We flew through snow (KAFJ to KMTO). We landed and took off at an 8300' DA airport (KGNT). We flew through rain and avoided mountain obscuration (KUNV). We flew in turbulence (constantly out there) and landed in high winds (KATS). We landed on the USS Sedona (KSEZ). We learned new limitations. We expanded our envelope.

But the greatest thing I take away from the trip are the great people we met. Fifteen miles out, an hour before closing I call the FBO and tell them I'll be spending the night. I'm met with a Cadillac, given the keys and asked when I'll be back (KWWR). NOT an unusual case! Time after time I was met with friendship and a strong willingness to help in any way possible. The Fly-in at Page (KPGA) just another example where total strangers have become good friends.

There may be something wrong with General Aviation, but I'm here to tell you, there is also a lot right.

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  1. I just finished reading all the journal entries and checking out all the pictures. AWESOME flight, sounds like you had a blast!