Friday, January 20, 2012


No, not the guy that just cut me off on downwind. Throttle creep. Almost since the first week of flying this airplane I have noticed I need to pay close attention to the throttle. I like the concept and setup of the throttle on the PiperSport, but it didn't seem to be working very well. This week I read a not on the Yahoo Group forum about adjusting the tension, so I went out to the airport this afternoon to see if I could make the throttle tighter.

I quickly learned that "loosening" (counter clockwise) was the correct was to engage more friction. I'm pleased with the feel now and am ready to test this out.

The other chore was to investigate my heater. The door in the picture below shows the inlet of the cabin air system. About two inches in diameter, it is located just above the right rudder pedal on the left had side. With the flow restriction baffles on, not mush warm air comes into the cockpit.  There is no inlet on the copilot side.

I think I'll need to check on the canopy seal and perhaps add weather stripping to keep air from seeping in from behind the pilot.

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