Wednesday, November 9, 2011


The fall weather is simply too good to let pass. I struggled to get my desk clear so that I could go out to the airport. I was in the air heading north by about 3:00. I had never been to Lehighton before and wanted to check it out as part of my "local airports" tour.

There was a mild chop as I climbed through the haze layer and settled down at 3500'. Visibility was great looking away from the sun but only 5 miles or so looking west. I could easily see ABE and 69N in the distance but picking out anything looking the other way was hard. It was a nice, uneventful trip and I started my descent just past the ridge line.  A crosswind entry to 08 let me land with a slight  left crosswind. Nice airport but no activity other than a guy on a ladder washing his 172.

I departed 22N to the southwest hoping to pick out Grimes. 8N1 lies right next to I78, but is a turf strip in the middle of farm country. Everything looks like it could be an airfield. I decided to forgo a landing until I've had a chance to study some satellite pictures. (I'm looking at it now and I was right...just not confidently right.)

As I approached home I saw this activity south of Butter Valley, a balloon preparing for take off. What a pretty day for sightseeing.

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