Saturday, June 11, 2011

PiperSport Fly-in

GA Hanger Space
The reason for the trip was to meet other owners and flyers of PiperSports and SportCruisers.  We arrived on a Thursday, a session was arranged for Saturday to include presentations from US Sport Aircraft (the distributor we purchased from), Dynon Avionics, Rotax, the organizer of the event, Dick Russ from Piper Flyer Magazine. Casual get together's were also planned so that we would all have a chance to meet and talk with each other. I really enjoyed this aspect of the trip.

Business side of the terminal
The second reason was to play. Branson is a wonderful community built on music. We, were able to see SIX, visit Silver Dollar City, ride on the Branson Belle and enjoy dinner at the Dixie Stampede. We highly recommend all of these shows and would not hesitate to go back and do it all again. We had a great time with all of these family oriented shows and it was great to be in a place where veterans are honored and gospel music sung in nearly every show. (Even during the free hotel breakfast.)
Flight planning in the FBO

Inside the FB
The pilot sessions were outstanding. US Sport Aircraft was unable to attend, but did send in some talking points about warranty service. Dynon stressed pilot education using any glass panel aircraft and devoted much time to answer questions. It was good to hear other owners speak about their experiences and have an expert address possible solutions. He even provided business cards with his cell phone number.  Refreshing.

The Rotax rep was just great. He started with a brief presentation about the company, stating that the Rotax engine in our airplanes was built from the ground up to be an aircraft engine. He brought a display model with him so that he could point out areas as he discussed them. Fuel, oil, cooling and electrical systems were all discussed in detail. I've decided to fly down to Mississippi this fall to take the owners course from him (he was just that good).

At the end of the session a raffle  was held to give away two LightSpeed Zulu headsets. My wife won one of them. Thanks to the sponsors (LightSpeed and Piper Flyer) for this fantastic door prize. What a fantastic vacation!

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