Friday, April 22, 2011

Runway 16

Still caught in the weather transition to Spring, the past few days have been just too gusty to fly. Today we were just north of a stationary front and a high pressure system in New England was feeding us with cold wet air. It was stable, but getting grayer and darker by the hour. Winds were light and predominately out of the south.

The plane was filthy. After the time spent polishing off the dirt a flock of large birds must have decided to make their mark. What a mess.

Lots of golfers out today. Special care to watch the driveway at the approach end of 34, and keep a watchful eye on the grounds beyond the runway markers for wild shots and golfers chasing balls out of bounds.

Landing on runway 16 was a bit like flying to a different airport. All of my normal 'keys' were gone so I had to fly the pattern with visual reference to the runway instead of my checkpoints on the ground. It was fun to establish the right downwind distance and the point used to turn base. I found that turning over the power lines is just the right depth for final. Landing in this direction is also done on turf rather than the small asphalt strip used for RWY34. My pattern work lacked consistency, but all in all a very enjoyable flight.

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