Friday, January 7, 2011

First Flight of 2011


I was out to check on her on Tuesday to see if the nose tire was fixed. It was. Harry was in his shop so I stopped in to find out if there was anything I should be concerned about. He had taken off the wheel pant, inspected the tire and just pumped it up. The pant was replaced and he wanted to check on his way home to insure it was still holding air. When I came out to fly on Wednesday it was still inflated. I suspect I may be 'horsing' it around too much getting it back into the parking spot, I'll have to be more gentle or pull out the  tow bar to help with steering.

I started the process of removing tie down straps and the canopy cover and as I did a beautiful Red Tailed Hawk landed on the abandoned tower by the pond. Just checking the competition I guess. I'm sure he was amused at the amount effort I put into getting ready for flight as he cleaned a feather or two with his beak. I lost count at about 150 props, but she burped soon after that. I removed just a little frost from the wings and tail surfaces and completed the rest of the exterior preflight with no incidents. Before climbing in I pulled her out a bit to get out of the tire ruts in the soft turf.

I like the choke for starting. Four blades and she was running. Glitch #1 is still there. The video shows the engine instruments during run-up. I shouldn't get the warning/alert at 4000RPM. Later in the flight this mysteriously corrects itself and shows the readings typical for a Rotax engine. Warranty work is scheduled next week.

Just a short flight over to KUKT for a full stop/taxi back and off again home to 7N8. No other glitches noted, and after two (very smooth) landings, the nose tire is validated as fixed.

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