Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Flight Home - into KJNX

We spent a wonderful weekend with family and friends in Atlanta. Good food and good fun and lots of great people to meet. Monday morning came much too early and it really cold as we headed out to the airport. Fortunately Hill Aviation had hangered N674PS so she wasn't quite frozen. I was very glad to be able to do the preflight inside.

Startup was normal, but soon we found another glitch. The canopy would not align properly on both sides for the latch to catch. We fiddled for awhile and finally got it to work but this annoyance is something that must be addressed. We took off into sunny skies heading east over Atlanta climbing on course.

After about two hours glitch #1 reappeared. Suddenly the tach was warning me that 4000 RPM was too high. I hit the nearest button and headed to KLKR. Here I spent time on the phone with the good folks in Florida, got some advice from the local A&P, and ran my thoughts past the airport manger, and experienced pilot familiar with G1000 avionics. These were simply wonderful folks and that will be my airport of choice if ever back in the area. All of us felt that it was an indicator, not an engine problem. So I planned on 'airport hopping', picking places along our route of flight that I could quickly divert to in case something more serious presented itself. It was a cold and bumpy flight. Glitch #3 is the heater. We were really tired by the time we reached KJNX, and ready for a hot shower and warm bed.

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